GOA Proclaims Victory in Virginia’s Special Session on Gun Control


GOA Proclaims Victory in Virginia’s Special Session on Gun Control

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is saying pro-gun forces have won a victory in the state of Virginia. After warning early last month that anti-gun people in government were pushing for gun control in the wake of crimes at Virginia Beach, they recently sent out an email proclaiming success.

Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam tried to exploit the Virginia Beach shooting by calling an emergency legislative session to pass radical gun control bills.

But, powered by grassroots defenders of our God-given rights like you, we pressured the Virginia House and Senate to protect the Second Amendment…

…And gun owners everywhere won.

His special session happened — but ZERO gun control bills were passed.

No matter where you live, this was a massive victory against the bloodthirsty anti-gun mob. Which is why we want to hear from you now.

As expected, some spineless Republicans introduced “compromise” bills to try and appease the radical anti-gunners who have waged war on our God-given rights.

One bill would have made it a FELONY for gun owners to merely step into a Gun Free Zone.

But the RINO who authored this bill felt pressure from countless patriots who refused to let their Second Amendment rights get ripped to shreds.

This should be a lesson for all of us. We can never put our blind faith in elected officials to follow through on their campaign promises.

It’s up to us to remind them who they work for… YOU.

At that point in the email, readers are urged to take a poll. I won’t urge you one way or another, but I will place a link here.

It’s nice to see some success for a change. Now if only we could get a bunch of bad laws repealed here in Florida…

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