Luxembourg Army’s FN49 Sniper Rifles


Luxembourg Army’s FN49 Sniper Rifles

In this video, we get a history lesson on the military arms of Luxembourg in the years following World War 2. If that seems boring, you probably shouldn’t read any further. Specifically, Ian of Forgotten Weapons discusses the “Sniper” version of the FN49 which was ordered from Fabrique Nationale (FN) by Luxembourg.

The FN49 is a semi-automatic battle rifle; these particular ones were chambered for 30-06. They came equipped with scope mounts, but not scopes. The scope mounts were made by “some guy in Boise, Idaho” rather than being built in Belgium along with the rifles themselves.

A wooden cheek rest was added to the stock to help align a shooter’s eye with the scope… a nice touch which will be appreciated by anyone who has ever fired a rifle with a scope mounted too high for the stock.

The sturdy and repeatable scope mounts were made by the American fellow who patented them, while the scope bases were made by FN and permanently pinned to the receiver.

In most other respects, there wasn’t much difference between these and run-of-the-mill FN49s.

Pretty cool!

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