Levi’s Sticks to its (Anti) Guns


Levi’s Sticks to its (Anti) Guns

A few months ago, we told you about a “three-pronged attack” on the Second Amendment by the CEO of Levi Strauss, Chip Bergh, who has been using company profits to break his oath to the Constitution of the USA. Well, they’re sticking to the plan, according to a recent article by AWR Hawkins.

Hawkins reports that even when faced with information that their anti-gun actions were costing them business, Levi’s executives simply don’t care.

On September 4, 2018, Breitbart News reported that Levi Strauss was launching a million dollar gun control campaign. This also entailed teaming up with Michael Bloomberg-funded gun control Everytown for Gun Safety, going so far as to provide jeans for actors who appeared in Everytown PSAs.

The Free Enterprise Project’s David Almasi approached Levi’s executives with polling data which showed that many customers tended to shop elsewhere following the company’s adoption of gun control. Yet the executives were unmoved. The Free Enterprise Project reported that “leaders of the clothing manufacturer stood their ground, telling shareholders they would continue to risk profit and the company’s future by pursuing what they refer to as a ‘values-driven’ business model.”

As near as I can tell, The Free Enterprise Project is an outfit which attempts to influence business owners and shareholders to act in more conservative ways, or at least in less-liberal ways. In their words, they “create the incentives for corporations to stay focused on their missions.” “Mission” in this sense means that if you make jeans, your company mission should be to sell jeans — not to campaign against basic civil rights such as the right to security and self-defense.

Back to the article:

Almasi [of the Free Enterprise Project] spoke to Breitbart News’ about Levi Strauss’ gun control position, saying:

‘Levi’s is all-in with the social justice warriors. In addition to anti-gun activism, they are also lending corporate support for environmental causes and various matters associated with leftism. Levi’s will continue its anti-gun activism and support for anti-gun causes even after the Free Enterprise Project gave them polling data showing it hurts their reputation and can drive customers elsewhere. Taking on this unnecessary risk is an affront to investors of any political alignment. Levi’s owes it to its investors, employees, and business partners to remain politically neutral to protect the brand.’

Almasi noted that Levi’s is ‘putting politics ahead of pants.’

To many of you, this is not news, but it will hopefully serve as a reminder to spend your money elsewhere instead of supporting enemies of your freedom.

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