Packing for a Motorcycle Bug Out


Packing for a Motorcycle Bug Out

It may not always be practical, but some preppers are looking into using a motorcycle as a mode of transportation for a quick bugout. This could be a particularly smart move if one already has a prepared and fully-stocked bugout location established.

Though the primary disadvantage of using a motorcycle for a SHTF escape would be the capacity to carry gear and passengers, there are advantages. Experienced motorcycle riders can tell you how swift and agile a bike can be even in heavy traffic like a disaster evacuation. And most motor bikes get really good gas mileage, allowing the riders getting out of town in a hurry quite a range of travel.

Despite the limitations of carry space on a motorcycle, some larger touring bikes can tote a good bit of gear. Again, this is not a wholesale bug out, simply a mode to carry one or two passengers and select gear to a predetermined bug out location.

So, if you had to bug out now on your motor bike, what would you take along?

We could have a huge discussion on bike selection and equipping it to handle a bug out travel scenario. Let’s just say here, we’re not talking a trail bike or motocross cycle, but a highway-worthy unit of size and power to carry two people and some gear. On these units there should be “saddle” bags, hardened compartments, or a rear tail luggage box or some equivalent, maybe a front rack. So, what to take?

Gauge your bug out by the distance you must travel, the time it might take, and potential routes with alternatives. Can you do the trip in a day or less, or might an overnight stop be required, rough camping roadside somewhere? Factor in all of these considerations, options, and possibilities.

Security first? I definitely advise a suitable handgun or two with multiple loaded magazines. As appropriate, lash down a Remington Tac-14 shotgun in a sling case. Pack enough water and light food for two days minimum. Take weather-worthy clothing, fire-starters, first aid kit, tent tarp, emergency blanket, flashlight(s), small emergency channel AM/FM radio, knife(s), paracord, a cell solar charger. What else?

If you elect to escape on a motorcycle, how would you do it? What would you pack? Offer up your thoughts and advice on this one.

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