[TriggrCon 2019] Golden Trigger Award Winners


[TriggrCon 2019] Golden Trigger Award Winners

At TriggrCon every year there are awards given out for some of the best in show items that can vary from the smallest, most diminutive products there to some of the largest and most grandiose. Any manufacturer in attendance of TriggrCon has the opportunity to win one of the prestigious Golden Trigger Awards if one of their products is new, innovative, and highly sought after by the general public.

This year was the 5th annual TriggrCon, and a company by the name of “Pew Pew Tactical” was tasked with selecting the 4 Most Innovative Products in show and crowning those manufacturers and their products with a Golden Trigger Award. While there are no specific categories, there are loosely based ones. The 4 Most Innovative Products are chosen from firearms, optics, accessories, and a 4th award is given for innovation potentially outside those areas. So without further ado, here are all of the winners of Golden Trigger Awards from TriggrCon 2019!


This newer optic by SIG Sauer is very deserving of a Golden Trigger Award for a multitude of reasons, For one, it boasts a baffling 100,000+ hour constant run-time. Also, the red dot gives the user their choice of 4 different reticles. All of which are forward-thinking and useful in varying situations. SIG Sauer had one of their Romeo 8H red dots available to play with at TriggrCon Range Day last Wednesday, but only had a Romeo 8T on display at the Meydenbauer Convention Center on Friday and Saturday (pictured below). The only difference being the shroud that covers the Romeo 8T does not exist on the 8H. We got photos of the Romeo 8T after the Golden Trigger Award was announced which can be seen below.

  • Designed for modern MSR Platforms & Shotguns
  • Comes standard w/ Solid Lens Covers & 1/2 Hex Bolt Mount
  • Ballistic Circle-Dot Reticle Options
  • Users can select from 4 different Integrated Reticle Options (Dot, Circle-Dot, Dot w/ Holds, Circle-Dot w/ Holds)
  • 100,000+ Hour Battery Life & the readily available CR123A Battery is Side Loading for Quick Battery Replacement

golden trigger

  • Unlimited Eye Relief to acquire Aiming Point & Target regardless of Eye Position behind Sight
  • MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) powers Up or Down when sensing Motion
  • Uses an Ultra-Efficient Red LED Illumination for Daylight Visibility & Extended Run-Time
  • 1.535″ Mount Height
  • Strong, Lightweight Aircraft-Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum Housing
  • Waterproof, IPX-7 Rated & Fog-Proof

golden trigger

The SIG Sauer Romeo 8H punches in at an affordable price point of $599.99 considering how well-constructed and powerful this compact red dot is. In fact, with the 100,000+ hour run time, if you forget to shut it off, the battery will not die for at least 10 years or more. So if you are in need of a red dot, give this newly christened Golden Trigger Award Winner in the SIG Sauer Romeo 8H a try.


The Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Compensator caught our attention immediately at TriggrCon Range Day, and we set about getting the scoop on it right away. The impressive thing about this barrel compensator is no wrenches, crush washers, or additional hokey tools are required to achieve correct installment or timing.

This achievement of perfect timing without crush washers and additional nonsense is achieved with 2 simple set screws in the Velocity Glock Compensator and channels machined out in the Precision Machining Mod 2 Glock barrel of theirs. Then, by pressing a serrated release button on the right-hand side (shooter’s perspective) of the Velocity Glock Compensator, you can tighten or loosen the compensator by finger. No aggressive jarring or wrenching on the comp required.

golden trigger

  • 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • 2.1 Ounces
  • 1/2″ x 28 TPI Threads
  • Black Nitride Finish on Hardware
  • Glock 9mm Gen3, Gen4 or Gen5
  • Comp Colors of Black, Gold, or Black Nickel Teflon

golden trigger

The price for one of the Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Compensators is $104.95 regardless of your choice of color or generation of Glock you happen to own. With the ease of installation of this barrel compensator, it is easy to understand why it was awarded a Golden Trigger Award at TriggrCon 2019.


It is of little to no surprise that the LWRC SMG comes away with a Golden Trigger Award because they have been the absolute talk of the show. Our very own James Reeves had the good fortune to catch up with LWRC at the NRA Annual Meetings (NRAAM) this past April and see it when it was 1st announced. Of course, we still swung by their booth at TriggrCon Range Day to send some lead downrange and at the Meydenbauer Convention Center to get a more intimate look again.

  • LWRC Short Recoil Delayed Blowback System
  • LWRC High Performance Aluminum & Steel Construction
  • LWRC Rail Panels
  • LWRC ALG Fire Control Group
  • LWRC Ultra Combat Grips
  • LWRC User-Configurable Rail System

golden trigger

  • LWRC Reversible Non-Reciprocating Folding Charging Handle
  • Fully Ambidextrous Lower Receiver
  • LWRC 8.5″ Cold Hammer-Forged Chromoly Steel Barrel
  • Hardcoat Anodized Nitride Nickel Boron Surface Coatings Throughout
  • Magpul MBUS Pro Sights
  • US Manufactured UMP Magazines
  • Shoots Suppressed using a Booster/Neilson Device

For any interested parties, the LWRC SMG .45 ACP is running for the kingly amount of $2,999. If you are entertaining a submachine gun or similar style compact PCC this is still of tremendously high quality and value, but the price for entry is indeed high. As of the 4th of July these are shipping as well so hopefully your favorite firearm retailer has them to tempt you into a future purchase.


The final Golden Trigger Award was given to Seismic Ammunition for their peculiarly heavy 9mm hollow-points (HP). If you used to think that a 147 Grain HP was heavy for defense, then you need to top off one of your handgun magazines and shoot some Seismic QuakeMaker +M 185 Grain ammo. These are great for silencer use, but could also find a home in your everyday carry firearm as well.

  • Quakemaker +M Projectile – With projectiles that range from 1.6 – 2.5 times HEAVIER than standard ammunition, the Quakemaker +M projectile knocks out the competition
  • Shell Shock Case – Specially made Shell Shock cases are 50% lighter, twice as strong and less abrasive than brass casings. The nickel alloy stainless steel is self-lubricating and can easily be picked up by a magnet after shooting.
  • Redline Base – Shell Shock cases are two-piece assemblies. The base is made with red anodized aircraft grade aluminum which is gentler on the extractor and ejector versus conventional brass. The color identifies it as a heavier load.
  • Destructive Momentum greater than Conventional Rounds even at Sub-Sonic Velocities

golden trigger

Many people were able to shoot this ammunition this past Wednesday out at TriggrCon’s Range Day, and shooters were taking notice. Likewise, so did the voting panel for the Golden Trigger Awards as Seismic takes home their very first Golden Trigger Award. It seems that creative use with heavier bullets in common calibers is becoming a trend and Seismic is one of those companies paving the way.

Congratulations to all of the companies who won a Golden Trigger Award at TriggrCon 2019!!! Whether it is firearms, optics, accessories, ammunition, or other tools-of-the-trade it is very obvious that a lot of companies are still innovating and pushing for new technologies which is fantastic! Here once again is your recap list:

TriggrCon 2019 – Golden Trigger Award Winners

Between all of the Golden Trigger Award winners, which one would you like to test out and own first? What other products from TriggrCon that you have seen or heard about do you believe could have won an award? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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