Republicans Pushing Red Flag Laws; Tell Them NO


Republicans Pushing Red Flag Laws; Tell Them NO

GOA is calling on citizens to contact Republican Senators to demand they stand strong to defend our rights in the face of emotional pressure to negate the Second Amendment.

After all, that’s exactly what a so-called “red flag law” does. It destroys your right to possess firearms by allowing anyone to trigger an armed invasion of your home with the aim of stealing your guns WITHOUT ANY SORT OF DUE PROCESS.

Still depending on Republicans to defend your rights? Think again. The Senate bill that would make this happen on a national basis is being introduced by a Republican (Lindsey Graham) and is being supported by numerous Rs, including Marco Rubio. Graham has reportedly reached an agreement with anti-gun Senator Richard Blumenthal(D) to propose legislation encouraging more states to adopt “red flag” laws.

The bill would essentially use your tax dollars to bribe states into enacting these horrific gun-seizure laws.

If you’re reading this, you must care enough to click here to contact Senate Republicans and demand they defend your rights and DO NOT BY ANY MEANS SUPPORT THIS OR ANY OTHER ANTI-GUN LAW.

Please do it now… and share this with everyone you know, asking them to do the same. We must let our voices be heard. You certainly can’t rely on NRA; it has already voiced support for these laws. Essentially it’s on us to act.

Just as the Founders intended.

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