Build a SHTF Hurt Locker


Build a SHTF Hurt Locker

When the stuff really does hit the fan, you had better be ready. That means a lot of things to a lot of people including preppers and survivalists. The truth is, this is a bad world and it is getting worse all the time. In the final analysis you have to be responsible for yourself and your family’s welfare, economically and for self-preservation.

Among all the planning and execution tasks to fulfill the role as a prepper, one of the first tasks most undertake is building a classic SHTF survival bugout bag. The “BOB” is an essential first step. That kit contains all the most critical supplies to outlast the first 72 hours of a disaster or SHTF event.

Beyond the water, food, meds, first aid, communications, hygiene, and short term survival comes security. And that should not be very far behind the BOB.

Right after you build a BOB, next build a hurt locker. What is a hurt locker? Basically it is a bugout (or “bug in”) secure box, locker, packing case, or storage box stocked with everything needed for personal security, personal defense, property protection, and offensive action as needed or required.

Hurt lockers should be individualized to you, your family, and your situation. A well-stocked hurt locker can vary widely based on the needs of one person to the next. But it must be comprehensive enough to handle a wide variety of SHTF situations.

What are we talking about? A hurt locker is stocked with guns, ammo, multiple magazines, carry gear such as holsters, a cleaning kit, tool kit, spare parts as needed, optics, and other electronics. Add what you wish like a rangefinder, spotting scope, binoculars, holsters, bipods, collapsible shooting sticks, or whatever. How much to pack of any particular item will be determined by how many operators are in your group or family. Standardizing on weapons, calibers, magazines, and ammo is a smart bet.

A hurt locker can be one box or more, but two is probably sufficient. Don’t make them too heavy. They should be easy to grab along with your BOB. In one, place loaded handguns, loaded magazines, some carry gear and ammo. If the box is big enough for a collapsed AR and a Tac-14 shotgun, pack those too.

In box two, add additional ammo for everything and/or extra magazines. Load the other support security items in this box. Practice a few bugout trials to see how everything in your hurt locker works, then adjust.

Hurt lockers should do exactly what it sounds like. Security and protection will allow you to use everything else in your BOB bag inside the house or out.

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