Harrell Shoots Dimes From a Shotgun


Harrell Shoots Dimes From a Shotgun

God bless Paul Harrell. When he gets a request from a viewer about shooting werewolves and vampires with silver coins, he doesn’t just hit “delete” and hope the questioner’s not a stalker. Instead, he drags out his double-barrel side-by-side 12 gauge muzzleloading shotgun and stokes it up with stacks of dimes!

Ah me. Ain’t guns fun?

After the intro, he explains the Meat Target for newbies. Then he tells us his scattergun is stoked with 100 grains of FFFg black powder and 18 pellets of 00 (double-ought) buckshot. This does a pretty good number on the target!

He then loads the front-stuffer with 100 grains of BP and a stack of 18 dimes. This payload weighs less than the buckshot did, roughly 900 grains of buckshot vs. 630 grains of dimes.

At 10 yards, the stack of dimes acted like a slug because they didn’t spread out after exiting the muzzle. So he backs off to 20 yards to try it again. Those results were inconclusive if you ask me, and not very effective on the ol’ Meat Target.

Conclusion: Dimes in a shotgun = not nearly as good as bird shot or buckshot beyond 10-15 yards.

Enjoy watching.

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