ROBAR Companies Inc. Officially Out of Business


ROBAR Companies Inc. Officially Out of Business

Robar, renowned for their self-lubricating NP3 finishes and which has been in business for more than 35 years, is officially closing their doors. Customers have received the following email:

Today is the last day that we will be in business. When we put that notification up on the website, we had high hopes of someone either purchasing or investing in the company, but it fell through.


Robar Companies Customer Service

The ROBAR Companies, Inc.

Phone: (623) 581-2648

Robar was very popular back in the day before Cerakote became the standard for aftermarket gun finishes. Robar’s NP3 was one of the earliest self-lubricating, proprietary finishes on firearms that were favored by law enforcement and civilians alike. Unlike Cerakote which certifies and trains gunsmiths to perform the process, customers had to send their guns to Robar in Arizona to get the work done.

Robar did attempt to sell the company but sadly nothing came to fruition.

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