New York Man Attempts to Pull Over Van Full of Cops


New York Man Attempts to Pull Over Van Full of Cops

Just a quick laugh from the “derp” department: A police department in Long Island, NY reports that a man impersonating a police officer tried to pull over one of its vans.

The report says a van occupied by some of the department’s detectives was directed to pull over by a vehicle bearing emergency lights and an “air horn.” Detectives stopped for traffic, then emerged from the van and approached the black Nissan Sentra, identifying themselves as detectives.

The driver of the vehicle turned on the haul-ass:

The defendant then fled the scene, swerved into oncoming traffic and refused to stop. The defendant continued to drive at a high rate of speed onto the Long Island Expressway. Nassau County Highway Patrol officers were notified and soon spotted the defendant and initiated a traffic stop. [The driver] was placed under arrest without incident.

There’s no indication of what he intended to do once he pulled the van over, but we can rest assured he did not expect it to be chock full o’ cops.

The report says he was “charged with Criminal Impersonation 1st degree, Reckless Endangerment 2nd degree and Unlawful Fleeing from a Police Officer as well as multiple VTL violations.”

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