The Slow Burn


The Slow Burn

Be careful and stay aware, a new gun restriction law or other type of ordinance may be coming to you soon. The primary strategy now of anti-gun, anti-hunting, anti-outdoor use, and the anti-democracy movement is incremental progressivism. That simply means the politicians in control at every level of government in this country are working hard to slip in new legislations, rules and regulations to keep you from enjoying freedoms assured by the Constitution.

Of course, these groups totally ignore the U.S. Constitution as though it does not matter or exist anymore or they consider it simply outdated. But then they mostly ignore a great deal of the laws in this country anyway such as immigration laws, rules for becoming legal citizens, sanctuary cities, concealed weapons permits, hunting seasons, rules and regulations, and the 2nd Amendment in general. Beware of how these groups try to influence changes in these laws.

All that along with a plethora of fake news that obscures the truth and confuses people. It’s difficult these days for even a reasonably intelligent person to fully understand what the truth is and what is not. Even the news sources we have most often considered very conservative often venture off the pathway to get their wheels mired in the ditch.

Whether you are a hunter, angler, shooter, gun collector, arms dealer, conservationist, prepper or survivalist, it is prudent to keep abreast of such actions in the community where you live, the state as well as on the national scene. Often such actions come from under the table hidden or cloaked in other actions so the true meaning or impact is clouded. It takes a concerted effort to keep up with all this nonsense. Thankfully we do have some organizations in this country that are in big part the watchdog agencies on our behalf.

First and foremost, we have the NRA. I am a life member, you should be, too. We don’t have to agree with everything they do and doubtless we all tire of their relentless fund raising, but it is just part of the package for non-profits. In their support they do keep a close watch on anti-gun and hunting legislation or community actions. Those are most often listed on their web site and certainly covered in their member magazines. If you do not belong, then join.

The burn may be slow, but don’t let the frog be boiled alive as the heat is turned up. Stay vigilant and aware. It is our business to help protect our own self interests in a world saturated by them.

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