Georgia Homeowner Shoots, Kills Trio of Masked Robbers


Georgia Homeowner Shoots, Kills Trio of Masked Robbers

When three masked and armed males reportedly approached three people who were visiting with one another in the front yard of a residence in Conyers, Georgia, they apparently thought they were going to get some free stuff. Instead, they got killed.

Deputies with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office responded to a shots fired call early Monday morning, where they found three male juveniles, ages 15, 16, and 16, with gunshot wounds and began first aid.

One of the teens died at the scene, while the others were pronounced dead at the hospital.

Deputies say the teenagers, two of whom were brothers, were wearing masks, as they approached a Conyers, Georgia, residence and attempted to rob three people in the front yard.

One of the suspects allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot at the intended victims, and a man returned fire, hitting all three teens.

Neighbors were split in their reactions to the incident of self-defense.

Asteria Williams said:

[The homeowner is] a nice, caring dude. If they would have knocked on the door and asked him for anything, he would have gave it to them. He’s a NICE dude. It’s sad. You should not risk your life for nothing like that ’cause you can’t get it back. Now they gone, and it’s sad.

A young male opined that shooting to kill masked armed robbers was “overkill.”

That’s not how it’s supposed to go. I understand one shot to stop the people… but aggressively to shoot these little teens, that’s overkill. That’s too much to handle.

He and I will have to disagree on that.

I for one am thankful the homeowner was armed and that the good guys walked away.

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