The Badass BOV


The Badass BOV

There are many viable options for vehicle to use for a Bug Out. They range from traditional cars, pickup trucks, the classic SHTF SUV, war wagons, RV units, motorcycles, watercraft and even aircraft. Anything that can carry you away from the mayhem.

Then along comes the most-boss BOV or Bug Out Vehicle ever. This is the Rokon (pronounced ‘rock-on’) Survivor Edition for preppers. Actually the Rokon motorbike (more like motor machine) has been around for a long time. I originally saw one at a SHOT Show many years ago. Like many such products Rokon has evolved, and this new model is certainly proof of that.

The Rokon is basically a super-heavy-duty two-wheeled machine. I hate to call it a motorcycle because its design is so rad, so mega machine. The foundation of a Rokon includes a 208cc Kohler engine, all-wheel drive, 15 inch ground clearance, 218 total weight, 3 speed transmission, electric and pull start, and disc brakes. Rokons are available in olive green, black, green, red, yellow, and orange. The Survivor Edition is only offered in black, a good move.

Features on the Survivor Edition include LED headlight, trail-maintenance kit, Dave Canterbury survival kit, Maxxis 2Ply Big Horn tires, power point, saddlebags, brush busters, and painted wheels. Optional accessories include a cell phone holder, tow bar kit, utility carrier rack, gun boot or gun rack, siphon pump, and a single track trailer. You can even get a retro front seat and an extended rear cargo rack.

The survival kit contains metal water and cooking containers, survival knife with magnesium fire starter, solar blanket, LED headlamp, compass, rope, and waterproof matches. All of these supplies fit inside one of the saddlebags. This kit was outfitted by Dave Canterbury, the well-known survivalist.

Now the Rokon is built for the roughest, toughest terrain. It may not seem practical to motor this unit down a highway, but it can be done. Trailered to a Bug Out location it would make a perfect unit for traversing forest, field, streams, and rocky cover. It will handle the really tough junk way better than a conventional ATV or UTV.

Being two-wheeled, it can maneuver much better in timber, up narrow trails, or blazing new paths through thick cover. It makes a different kind of BOV, but a great option for a loner, or as mentioned to have around a Bug Out Camp for multiple transportation uses.

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