Shotgun + SAS Operator = 5 Dead Terrorists


Shotgun + SAS Operator = 5 Dead Terrorists

The shotgun is often a weapon that gets a lot of hate. The newest tactical trainers all hate it and claim a carbine is a better tool in all ventures. I personally don’t feel that way and I think the shotgun has a place. The shotgun excels in situations where you need to stop someone right away, and in close-quarters fights the faster you stop your enemy the better. One SAS Operator recently utilized a 12 gauge to kill five ISIS terrorists in seven seconds. This story was originally reported by and detailed the operation.

Imagine, if you will, watching a suspected “bad guy bomb factory” when the intel comes in that the bubbas you are watching are planning to commit a suicide bombing. You’d have to do something right? Well, the SAS team watching that bomb factory most certainly did something.

A Perfect Home Companion

Right before dawn, they breached the building. The lead man was armed with a 12 gauge Benelli M4 Super 90. This semi-automatic tactical shotgun is a premier fighting shotgun and is known as the M1014 in the US of A.

As the SAS Operators entered the building, they surprised a team of armed terrorists who were loading weapons into a vehicle. Those SAS lads are well-trained, and the point man wasted no time killing three men with his shotgun. Two additional terrorists responded and the SAS operator made short work of them as well.

Turrists in a Hilux. Source: Maxim

After that, the remaining terrorists decided to surrender after observing two of their decapitated comrades. Two of the dead terrorists were found with suicide bomb vests on.

Shotgun Power

These situations are where the shotgun rules. Without a doubt, it’s a bit of a niche weapon. However, in close quarters it’s a capable fight-stopper. Going into a building when the sun isn’t up is a perfect role for the shotgun. When you meet enemies that are bad-breath-distance away, you may not have time to exercise good shot placement. A round of 12 gauge to the torso will cause massive damage regardless of what it hits. Paul Howe said it best: “You can’t sew up hamburger.”

While the rifle would be the better tool if you can only pick one gun forever, I’m not faced with that choice. The scattergun is a simple weapon that shouldn’t be ignored. We are seeing the shotgun make a bit of a comeback. The new Langdon Tactical 1301 is a nice step forward. The fellas over at Primary and Secondary have been talking a little more about the Gauge, and Gabe Suarez is a big shotgun proponent.

While the shotgun certainly has its weaknesses, it’s still a valid and capable weapon — especially for home defense work. As one SAS operator shows, a good gun and good training can make all the difference.

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