Go Postal on Bucks this Season


Go Postal on Bucks this Season

What is it the post office says about mail delivery? “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Deer hunters can heed such admonishment with a little bit of modification to pursue wily bucks this deer hunting season.

Technology aside, Mother Nature still cannot be beat, but she can sure be contended with — especially by truly dedicated deer hunters. Even as old age and creaky joints catch up to most of us, standing up against the common elements of the environment is often met with surprising results.

Younger hunters these days seem to be easily put off by the inconvenience of a dripping rain when the sun rises on another day of deer season. The old hunting phrase “you snooze, you lose” still applies today. Yeah, you can roll over in that nice warm bed for another couple of hours, but don’t forget that rain is not stopping those big bucks from making their rounds.

Just imagine how many potential wall-hangers have never been scoped by hunters not up to the task of being in the woods during inclement weather or otherwise-imperfect hunting conditions.

Big bucks may indeed hunker down in the worst of weather conditions especially northern recipes of cold, blizzard winds, snow, and sleet, but sooner or later they have to stand up and move around. That is the time to be set and ready to catch them off guard. You can’t watch the movie if you fall asleep in the chair.

Most hunting weather conditions can be beat or at least outsmarted for a spell. Before you hunt, check on the weather predictions for the day, particularly the prevailing winds, air temperatures, humidity, and any notices of precipitation. For certain, plan to hunt hard before a major front blows in and again just after one blows out.

Dress for success by wearing layers for warmth and keeping dry. There are plenty of clothing choices today to withstand anything Ma Nature can throw. Same with boots, gloves, headgear, and rain gear.

Consider upgrading your hunting areas with enclosed blinds, fabricated shooting houses, or structures you can build yourself. These can be made dry and warm to outlast any weather. Color them in camo, or brush them in well ahead of season so scents and the sight of them passes.

The post office may deliver mail under all conditions, but deer hunters can be ready for bucks packing the mail, too. Just plan ahead and get ready now.

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