Paul Harrell Reviews Rambo: Last Blood


Paul Harrell Reviews Rambo: Last Blood

Just when you though Paul Harrell couldn’t surprise you, he decides to do a movie review.

Yeah, that’s right.

Like many of his videos, he throws out some caveats right away:

  1. Don’t expect movie reviews to be something they do often.
  2. This video is in addition to his weekly videos, not instead of… so regular viewers shouldn’t complain.
  3. He will try not prevent dropping spoilers on us, but
  4. He’s assuming viewers have already seen the first 4 Rambo movies.
  5. Paul says “I make no claim that my opinions have their origin in cinematic genius.”

What does he think about the flick? Well you’ll want to watch his video below, but one highlight is that the movie is not all blood & guts, but Stallone does some real acting, which Paul thought was well done.

Also, it’s not all roses; in the movie, some bad things happen to some good people. Realism = good.

He also says the movie has “a real ending,” which he liked.

What did he dislike?

  • Over-the-top henchmen (too many, too dedicated to the bad guy)
  • Over-the-top Rambo improvised booby traps
  • Way too stabby
  • Overdone climax

It was booby trappy happy.

He sums up the way he and his crew felt as they left the theater: Disappointed. But he still wants to see a Rambo 6…

Enjoy the video.

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