The Russian Tinger Track Mini-Tank


The Russian Tinger Track Mini-Tank

Now this is cool: an amphibious ATV with tracks! It’s called the Tinger Track and it looks pretty dang awesome!

Billed on the website as “your own mini tank,” this machine would make even the tamest soul want to run things over and slosh through the mud. Naturally, it turns on a dime, like a skid-steer.

Here’s an “Official promo video” Tinger posted last year:

This is one of those things I WANT!! but might not actually want, if you know what I mean. It would be a blast to use it for a while, but it might tend to tear up roads and trails if used on a regular basis.

I sure would like to spend a few hours driving one anyhow. For the next best thing, I’ll hand you off to the disembodied Russian voice of the “Review Machines Worldwide” YouTube channel as they put the Tinger to the test and end up floating around in a lake.

How much does it cost? This guy says “about $20,000.” Yeah, sounds like the Tinger is not for me. Still fun to dream about, though.

Enjoy the video.

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