Henry Rifle’s Fast Handling Weather Gun


Henry Rifle’s Fast Handling Weather Gun

Tis the season. No, not Christmas. Although many stores are already putting out Christmas oriented products, toys, and some displays. For hunters though, this is the season of deer hunting. It is already snowing across the upper Midwest, and temps are dropping in the south. Finally there is some rain, too. Conditions are getting right for stalking a big buck.

For that you need the right equipment especially an ideal rifle for slipping along deer trails, the edges of bedding zones and feeding areas. For this style of deer hunting you need a quick pointing and handling rifle that can be brought to bear at the flicker of an ear or antler. What you need is a speedy, short barreled lever action rifle like Henry’s Big Boy All-Weather.

Speaking of weather, some of the best buck stalking conditions are during a light misting rain or better yet a light snow revealing evidence of tracks showing deer movement. The Henry Big Boy is finished in an industrial hard chrome satin coating. The stock is made of American walnut, but you’d never know that since it is coated in a highly durable industrial grade coating that is black in finish color. This is a rifle made for rough conditions.

The Henry Big Boy All-Weather rifle is produced in three cartridges of choice. These include the .44 Magnum/Special, the .45 Colt or the .357 Magnum/Special. Note here again that the .44 Magnum and the .357 Magnum can both handle the “Special” versions of those caliber cartridges. This could aid in training and practice, or even hunting in very chose quarters situations.

The Henry Big Boy All-Weather comes with a 20-inch barrel which is just right for quick handling and aiming in tight woodland environments, brush cover, and CRP type fields. The round barrel is hard chrome plated steel again for protection from fall and winter conditions. The overall length of the rifle is 37.5 inches, very handy indeed.

Its weight is only 7 pounds. More evidence that this rifle would be perfect for classic still hunting slipping through whitetail habitat. Sights are a brass bead front on a heavy duty post. Rear sight is a fully adjustable semi-buckhorn with a diamond insert. The receiver is drilled and tapped for a BB-RSM sight. The safety is a transfer bar type. Sling swivel studs included.

As Henry says, “this is a real working gun.” For sure.

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