Camping Still Popular in America


Camping Still Popular in America

As the joke goes, “My idea of camping is staying at a Motel 6.” However, ever since I can remember people loved the great outdoors and really genuinely enjoyed camping out. This was in the national forests, state park campgrounds, private camping facilities, or even in their own backyards. Camping has always been a favored activity.

Connecting with nature has always been second nature to the human race. Just experiencing the sights, sounds, smells, and feels of being outside in the woods, by a lake, or other outdoor area is a thrill. The camping industry too is as strong as ever. Camping and RVing is a recreational activity that people are going to do regardless of the costs involved.

From a recent data survey in 2017 some 18 million households went camping three or more times a year. That number was up over 64 per cent from 2014. Young people and families are getting into the act too going camping in remote places where they can camp peacefully and leave no print behind. Some even backpack in to areas using a minimalist approach.

When I was a kid in Missouri, we would close the family auto parts store at noon on Saturday, load the old GMC and head for Kentucky Lake east of Murray, Kentucky. Dad bought a lake lot there and we initially cleared a road trail to the back of the lot overlooking a wooded ravine enough for a campsite. We would arrive well after dark and set up the tent by truck headlights.

We cooked on a gas stove and the only light was a Coleman Lantern. We had a campfire too which was great. The lake was nearby for fishing and swimming every day. My brother and I would take long walks in the woods for hours. Those are some of my most fond memories.

Today’s camping is a lot more sophisticated but it does not have to be. The gear, goods, equipment, supplies, and camping stuff market is jammed with high quality tents, sleeping bags, cooking stoves, campsite gear, quick-fix foods, and everything else needed to make a weekend getaway a little more simple and easy leaving time to enjoy outdoor spaces.

If you delve into the research of great places to go in this country you can find any type of outdoor environment you want from mountains, plains, deserts, forests, lake sites, remote trails and everything else. There is no shortage of all types of places to camp.

Camping of course is great practice for prepping too. These outdoor experiences allow one to test outdoor skills and suitability to camping. Practice is the best teacher.

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