Hang and Weigh Your Kill With the Hanging Judge


Hang and Weigh Your Kill With the Hanging Judge

A small fabrication company in Georgia called Ranew’s has turned out some interesting products for hunters, including the Firminator, which competes with the Plotmaster as an all-in-one “food plot implement.” But the Ranew’s product that caught my eye recently is considerably less bulky, and apt to get more use in any given hunt camp. It’s called the Hanging Judge.

The Hanging Judge is a gambrel with a built-in digital scale. If your hunt club is like most, you may have a homemade gambrel and a cheap scale that one of the members purchased. These scales tend to vary in their reliability and accuracy. And suspending a scale and a gambrel from a hanging pole adds length, which can be inconvenient at times.

Putting the scale within the gambrel means the scale is much smaller and adds almost no length to the hanging rope vs. a conventional gambrel. Nice.

Did I mention it’s made in the USA?

I like the looks of this thing, and although it retails for $69.99, I’m considering getting one for our club. Our old spring-loaded scale is decades-old and kinda ragged around the edges.

What I don’t see listed on their website (which is a bit buggy and feels incomplete) is the scale’s capacity.

Would you consider using this for your hunt camp?

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