Tactical Hoodies


Tactical Hoodies

Really? Tactical hoodies? That is a Facebook ad I actually saw this week posted about some supply company going out of business, again. I know the majority of survivalists, preppers, and outdoor enthusiasts are pretty darn savvy when it comes to buying gear and supplies for their readiness plans, but there are some just getting started who might get sidetracked by such ads.

There has never been a hoodie that is inherently tactical. Now, a hoodie can be put to a tactical use or mission application, but the garment itself is not tactical. “Tactical” is not a thing, it is a process, strategy or procedure. Speaking of hoodies, just don’t be hoodwinked.

Worse than hoodies, there is also an ad running selling tactical beer coozies. Give me a break.

My goal is is to draw attention to being careful what you buy for your prepping supply closet or even everyday wear or product use. This is particularly the case if many of your purchases are made via the Internet. If you can, it is much better to be able to personally inspect gear you want to buy before shelling out critical prepping dollars.

I guess among certain segments of the community being tactical (however you define it for yourself) is just the super-coolest thing ever. The problem is there is a lot of cheap junk out in the www marketplace. Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to return items that prove to be less than what you expected. We have all likely been stung by such purchases. That is what they are counting on. Selling cheap stuff and then fading into the sunset.

As to the tactical hoodie, it is probably okay to wear around town if you want to draw that kind of attention to yourself. However, a hooded cotton-poly garment may not be the best in terms of durability, wear, endurance, insulation, or impression. Those are decisions you have to make, just make them wisely. Be especially mindful of certain messages, images, or logos that might present the wrong impression to others. Heck, caution has to be used these days even if you wear a MAGA cap in public.

Again, no product is tactical unless it is used in an operational plan or strategy. The caution is to research thoroughly any product you are considering adding to your prepping or survival supplies or gear.

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