How to Stay Warm on a Tree Stand


How to Stay Warm on a Tree Stand

One of my earliest deer hunting memories is of a muzzleloader hunt — my first — when I was a skinny and sadly underdressed 13-year-old. The reason that hunt stands out is because it was so miserable. My hands and feet got so cold and they hurt so badly from it… making that the day I began my quest to stay warm while deer hunting.

In the video below, Jeff Sturgis, who hunts Michigan in much colder weather than I do in the southeastern USA, talks about how to stay warm and comfortable while you sit for hours at a time on a deer stand.

His first point is quality clothing, and he’s right. I have a set of pants & jacket made by Russell Outdoors, and I bring them out anytime the temp gets low. They’re insulated with Primaloft, and the comfort level is like wearing a sleeping bag. I have been using them for years and will continue to do so for as long as I possibly can.

My biggest problem is with my hands and feet. Which brings me to his “bullet points” from the video:

  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Core
  • Base
  • Head

Feet: Insulated boots, good socks, Heat Factory air-activated HAND warmers, insulated pants over your lower legs.

Hands: Hand warmer tube (hand muff)

Core: Vest, bib overalls, wind blocking.

Base: Moisture-wicking base layers.

Head: Insulated, lined, wind blocking head gear, layers.

He uses many more words than this, and you’ll certainly want to watch the video.

Enjoy, and happy hunting!

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