Young Hunters Start Your Bucket List Now


Young Hunters Start Your Bucket List Now

Trust me on this one. Time is flying by so fast that if you don’t start to think about your dream hunting bucket list now, one day you’ll wake up too old to do it all. I know. I have had to scratch off mountain goats and caribou, because age and health caught up to me and passed me by. But I still have plenty of items to check off yet, and by no means have I tossed in the towel.

If you hunt, I am betting that you not only read about hunting here at, but you likely also read other outdoor magazines and watch hunting television or the endless hunting videos that pop up on Facebook or other outlets. And I also bet half the time you are saying or thinking to yourself, “I’d sure like to take that hunt.” If so, start planning for it now.

Get yourself a little notebook and start jotting down ideas about hunts you would like to take. It might be a western elk hunt or a trip for big mule deer, antelope, goats, bears, or whatever. All it takes is planning and saving up for the hunts you want to do. Set priorities, then start working on just the hunts you’d like to go on. Create your own hunt savings account like a Christmas club and put a little away every month or as you can.

Maybe organize your notebook by game animals, or states you want to hunt. Jot down any outfitter’s name and information when you come across it. Be sure to look at their website so you can study further all about their hunts, what they hunt, where, when, and what it costs to do it.

Use a similar strategy for self-hunts you would like to try. They can be done in many states west or east. Study the individual state wildlife department sites to check on the game animals available to hunt, the seasons, tag and license costs, and maps for the hunting areas.

If interested, try to partner up with some good hunting friend to join you. Going alone is never that much fun. This way not only can the adventure be shared, but costs, driving wheel time, motels, meals and equipment. Give yourself plenty of time to make all the plans and arrangements, but don’t delay. The clock is spinning and it never stops. Start that hunting bucket list now.

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