Quiet as a QuietKat


Quiet as a QuietKat

The trend toward using electric vehicles for hunting is growing. The electric carts as in “golf” carts redesigned and purposed for hunting have been on the scene for quite a while now. They are rigged with 4-wheel drive, raised frames, big knobby tires, and racks to carry guns and gear. Electric hunting carts are very popular now.

This trend has taken a little twist with the advent of new electric bikes especially equipped for taking to the fields and woods for hunting as well as other outdoor activities. One of the new brands on the market is QuietKat electric bikes. These are heavy-duty-framed bikes with large grippe tires designed to negotiate mud trails and off road terrain.

There are numerous models of QuietKat bikes, but this article covers the Predator model. You have to check out their website to see all the models available at www.quietkat.com. Learn where the dealers are located so you can visit them firsthand for a hands on inspection and perhaps a test ride.

The Predator QuietKat uses a BBSHD Mid Drive 750 watt motor to propel the bike. The rechargeable battery is a Panasonic 48v/11.6ah model. The bike frame comes in 17 or 19 inch sizes.
The brakes are two piston hydraulic with 203mm rotors for secure braking. The front fork has GT Air Suspension for a smooth ride. The “fat” bike tires are 26” x 4.5 inches. The weight of the bike is 75 pounds.

The top speed of this model is set at 20 mph which is plenty swift enough for off road use on woods trails or country roads. The range at full charge is 20 miles. This should be ample distance from a hunting camp out to areas where hunting is conducted. The bike is load rated at 300 pounds for rider and gear. Colors available are dark charcoal and camouflage.

The QuietKat Predator has a 9-speed gearing system to allow for changing terrain from smooth, flat pathways to more aggressive hilly terrain. There are a number of factory accessories to outfit your bike to suit your outland riding needs. These include equipment racks, pack panniers, front and rear fenders to reduce dirt and mudslinging, handlebar bags, dry packs, towing trailers, and lights.

Racks for hauling the QuietKat on your vehicle are available as well.

If you want to slip quietly into your deer hunting property or cruise your bugout areas without noisy notice, an electric bike is the way to go. Check out the QuietKats.

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