Arrow Magazine for English Longbow: Instant Robin Hood


Arrow Magazine for English Longbow: Instant Robin Hood

Here’s another video from JoergSprave of The Slingshot Channel. We haven’t touched base with him in a while, but now that he’s decided to add a magazine to an English longbow to turn it into a repeating weapon, we can’t resist sharing that with our readers.

After some intro stuff and footage of him shooting arrows nocked incorrectly, he unveils the 6-shooter arrow magazine at about the 5-minute mark. It’s pretty dang sweet if you ask me, allowing super-easy operation of the longbow and use of short crossbow arrows (or bolts if you prefer).

After some shooting, things get cheesy when he merges the King Arthur and Robin Hood legends to unveil a laser sight encased in wood, which he dubs “Merlin’s Eye” and uses to fire 6 accurate shots in just 14 seconds. Not bad at all.

In the end, I’ve seen better vids from this fellow, but his arrow magazine rig is still impressive and worth checking out.


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