2020 Resolutions for Preppers


2020 Resolutions for Preppers

As another new year unfolds, it is time again to reflect on things accomplished last year and what we should be planning forward. Whatever the “do” list was for last year not all of it was finished. It is a good time to review to see if any of those goals or tasks need to be bumped up into the New Year. It is also time to reflect on what new tasks and missions to focus on in the coming months.

Preppers, survivalists, and general outdoors folks are always in a status of flux when it comes to preparations, stocking up, learning new skills, and continuing to make efforts to be ready for whatever fate might befall us ahead. Just being ready takes enough effort, but at times maybe we fall short in checking off all the stuff we need to take care of. Now is the time for that.

Each year I try to take an inventory of everything gear and supply wise that would be not only helpful but essential during any SHTF or otherwise natural disaster. First of all I recognize that my first aid kit and supplies need to be refreshed. When you take out some Band-Aids and they don’t stick, you know they are too old to be of much use. Time to replace them. What else?

Check dates on common OTC meds and remedies that might be getting dated. Review all the use dates on tubes of medications, ointments, and such to see just how “fresh” they are. You may need to restock or take a stroll down the pharmacy aisle to shop for replacement items or new products to help with a variety of minor injuries or ailments.

Check over stocks of hardware and related items. Glue, tape, screws, bolts, lubricants, paint, light bulbs, fuses, and everything else that you might be out of or running low on. I hate going into the garage to get something I need for a project only to find out I am out or have half what I need for the job. Assess your arsenal, guns, ammo, and gear.

What about new building or remodeling projects? Maybe adding an electric generator or a water collection system? Could be the garage needs more shelving units to store stuff or a good cleaning out of junk you have deemed useless. We all have those items wasting space.

Of course, these few suggestions only scratches the surface. The point is that the New Year is the perfect time to reassess all aspects of your prepper plan and to start to work on it now.

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