A Bigger and Better Alcohol Penny Can Stove


A Bigger and Better Alcohol Penny Can Stove

In the video below, a guy demonstrates making a “penny can stove” using a larger-than-normal aluminum beverage can.

(Skip the first 30 seconds, unless you enjoy obnoxious music and random images.)

He likes using cans from Arizona Iced Tea, because they are larger and made of thicker aluminum. That’s okay I guess, but personally I have a little more experience with the Foster’s beer “oil can.” Hey, different strokes for different folks.

The premise of a penny can stove is to create an alcohol-fueled flame, with the can as the burner and the penny as a fuel regulator.

You pierce the can by punching a series of holes around its perimeter and place a series of 5 holes in the center. The penny will sit atop those holes.

Use another can bottom as the stove’s base, cramming in something absorbent and fire resistant (such as fiberglass insulation) to retain the fuel.

These little “stoves” burn pretty well, and can be fueled by most any relatively pure alcohol. Household rubbing alcohol might be too diluted; you want 90% alcohol or better.

Of all the nifty homemade stoves I’ve seen, I think I like this style the best. What about you?

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