7-YO Hunter: “I Don’t Want a Wife Because What if She Says You Can’t go Hunting?”


Sometimes, we guys figure things out while we are still young. This is one of those times.

In the video below, we see a 7-year-old hunter (clearly a confirmed bachelor) who has figured out that one should not be unequally yoked, as it were. Here’s what he says during the fun campfire talk in hunt camp:

I don’t want… a wife, because what if they say, “You can’t go hunting?”

I’d just go like, “No — I’m goin’ hunting right now, you ain’t telling me what to do!”

He’s right. This stuff has to be worked out before the engagement. Hunting time is one of those critical things that has to be secured ahead of time for continued mental health and peace of mind.

Anyhow, enjoy the video. Happy hunting!

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