A Homemade Belt-Fed Full-Auto Shotgun? Yes, Please!


A Homemade Belt-Fed Full-Auto Shotgun? Yes, Please!

In this pair of short-but-sweet videos, we see the delightful product of an inventive mind: A fully-automatic belt-fed 12 gauge shotgun! Oh my.

We have seen homemade guns before. You have probably even seen homemade machineguns before. But have you ever seen a homemade machinegun which fires 12 gauge shotgun shells — and which is belt-fed, thus not requiring a magazine?

Well, now’s your chance.

It’s pretty wonderful to me, but it jams a number of times in the video, which is only 32 seconds long. So I’d say it is in need of refinement, but it sure does look like fun.

Here’s another video of what appears to be the same belt-fed shotgun machinegun (I really enjoy saying that) — if not, it’s very similar — and again, it jams pretty often. But oh, the BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM when it does run is well worth the watch!

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