SIG’s New P365 SAS Model – Coming Soon


SIG’s New P365 SAS Model – Coming Soon

The SIG P365 is a revolutionary concealed carry pistol that SIG is tossing a lot of weight behind. SIG quietly announced the release of a SAS model of the P365. The P365 SAS model is quite different than the original P365 and is designed to be even easier to conceal.

The SIG P365 has changed the game when it comes to concealed carry pistols. This pocket-sized pistol holds ten rounds in a gun roughly the same size as a single stack 9mm. The gun has become immensely popular and SIG Sauer has been supporting the pistol with various magazine sizes, a small parts shopper and two new models. Earlier this year the SIG P365 XL premiered showing off a slightly longer slide, bigger grip, and optic’s compatibility. The P365 SAS Model retains the capacity and size of the original P365 in a SAS configuration.

SAS has nothing to do with the elite British Commandos but stands for SIG Anti-Snag. SAS models of the P229, the P238, and the original P239 also exist. The goal of the SAS pistols is to reduce the profile of the gun and to trim the fat where necessary to reduce the chance of a snag when the gun is drawn. This configuration isn’t as well known as other SIG configurations, but it’s absolutely perfect for the P365.

Inside the P365 SAS

The first thing you are likely to notice is that the weapon does not have a front sight. Also, it doesn’t have a traditional rear sight. The P365 SAS model is fitted with a flush-fitting set of Meprolight FT Bullseye sights. This unique set of sights is tough to explain, but the aiming point is placed all the way to the rear and incorporates both a tritium and fiber optic sight.

Meprolight FT bullseye sights (Courtesy SIG)

It’s similar to the trench sights used on older concealed carry pistol designs. The slide is milled to allow this set of sights to fit flush with the slide. This creates a very snag-free design.

(Courtesy SIG)

The gun is also ported, which may be an odd choice for a CCW. The porting could create more muzzle flash and create discomfort when shooting at night. In my experience, 9mm rounds rarely create much flash. The porting seems to be facing away from the focus point of the FT Bullseye sight as well to help reduce the perception of flash. According to SIG they have a 30 percent decrease in muzzle rise thanks to this porting.

Flush fitting controls (Courtesy SIG)

On the frame, we see cuts to accommodate a flush takedown level and slide lock. SIG has seemingly trimmed and reduced nearly everything they could to produce a truly sang free designed with the P365 SAS model. The biggest benefit will be for those who carry in a deep concealment manner and need to be able to safely and efficiently retrieve their weapon.

(Courtesy SIG)

When and How Much?

There is not an MSRP or release date for the P365 SAS currently, but SIG has advised it’s coming soon. What models of the SIG P365 would you like to see next? Personally, I’d love to see what they could do with a Legion model, but what do you think?

(Cover Image Courtesy of SIG Sauer)

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