Bucks With Locked Antlers Separated by Gunshot


Bucks With Locked Antlers Separated by Gunshot

In this video, we first see and hear an intro, describing what you are about to see, which is a pair of whitetail bucks two guys stumbled upon, with their antlers locked together. The deer were lying still on the shore of a creek and they thought the deer were dead, but one of them was still alive.

After the intro, we see video of the living buck struggling in the creek bed, trying to wrest itself free of the dead one. We hear some talk, which includes the one fellow suggesting that he go back to their vehicle to retrieve his handgun and try to shoot off one of the dead buck’s antlers.

Shoot it off!

After they agree to that, we watch the bucks struggle for some time. At some points, I started to wonder how long the live one could hold up his head, weighted as it is with his dead and sodden former foe.

Around the 4-minute mark, the deputy comes back with his shootin’ iron. The two guys talk, which riles the buck and sparks renewed struggle on his part.

Then we cut to a scene where the buck has calmed down and presented a shot. He fires, and bits of antler fly as water splashes! But the deer remain tangled. Another shot frees the deer, which runs away shaking its head.

The big buck pauses on the opposite bank of the creek, and I wanted to see what it was going to do next, but our camera man decides to swing around and show his buddy instead.

All in all, it’s about as good a bit of antler-shooting as I’ve seen.


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