[SHOT Show 2020] NEW Federal Premium Terminal Ascent Hunting Ammunition


[SHOT Show 2020] NEW Federal Premium Terminal Ascent Hunting Ammunition

Federal Premium has unveiled a ton of new products at SHOT Show 2020 out in Las Vegas. While out at the “Industry Day at the Range,” we checked out their NEW Terminal Ascent line of hunting ammunition. This line of ammo was thoughtfully created to improve accuracy, minimize drag, and perform over longer ranges – all highly desirable traits for hunting ammo.

One of the key features that differentiates this ammunition from others produced by Federal Premium is the Slipstream polymer tip. With this specialized tip, it initiates expansion at slower velocities (which is common with long range hunting shots). Special Accuchannel grooves in the shank of the bullet help minimize drag through the wind as well. Some of the other traits as described by Federal Premium can be read below:

  • Match-grade long-range accuracy in a bonded hunting bullet
  • Extremely high ballistic coefficient
  • Exclusive Slipstream polymer tip helps flatten trajectories and initiate low-velocity
  • Less wind drift and drop
  • AccuChannel groove technology minimizes drag
  • Copper shank and bonded lead core retain weight for deep penetration at any range

terminal ascent

We had the opportunity to shoot some of the Terminal Ascent in its 6.5 Creedmoor offering out to 700 yards at the “Industry Day at the Range.” With a Savage Arms rifle that was previously zeroed for us, we were able to make hits on steel our very first shot with ease. Good rifles and even better ammunition made us look like superb shooters on the firing line. Currently, this line of ammunition is being offered in 11 popular hunting cartridges which can be read below along with their associated MSRPs:

  • 6.5 Creedmoor 130 Grain | 2,825 FPS | 0.532 G1 BC | MSRP $52.95
  • 6.5 PRC 130 Grain | 3,000 FPS | 0.532 BC | MSRP $50.95
  • .270 Win 136 Grain | 3,000 FPS | 0.493 G1 BC | MSRP $44.95
  • .270 Win Short Mag 136 Grain | 3,240 FPS | 0.493 G1 BC | MSRP $46.95
  • .280 Ackley Imp 155 Grain | 2,930 FPS | 0.586 G1 BC | MSRP $52.95
  • 28 Nosler 155 Grain | 3,200 FPS | 0.586 BC | MSRP $52.95
  • 7mm Rem Mag 155 Grain | 3,000 FPS | 0.586 G1 BC | MSRP $50.95
  • .308 Win 175 Grain | 2,600 FPS | 0.520 G1 BC | MSRP $42.95
  • .30-06 Sprg 175 Grain | 2,730 FPS | 0.520 G1 BC | MSRP $42.95
  • .300 Win Mag 200 Grain | 2,810 FPS | 0.608 G1 BC | MSRP $53.95
  • .300 WSM 200 Grain | 2,810 FPS | 0.608 G1 BC | MSRP $53.95

Another unique characteristic about Terminal Ascent is that all of the ammunition hasĀ higher than average grain weights. What is achieved by this are better ballistic coefficients and more Foot-Lbs of energy down range. When it comes down to the “shot of a lifetime” on a trophy big-game animal we all want our ammunition to perform as planned (assuming we do our part with a well-placed shot). The biggest question is what do you the consumer and shooter think of Terminal Ascent? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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