I’m Back, it’s Been a Long Time!


Hello everyone.

Yes, it’s me, I am back, sorry I have been away but there was/is a family health matter with my father. It started in July of 2019, and now Jan 2020 he is still in the hospital and has been now for 6 months. I personally live 3 hours away so I have been driving and staying at the hospital for weeks at a time. In doing this I had to pretty much stop my articles, a lot of matches, videos, and projects.

He is finally getting better after major surgery and actually dying twice, the first time it took 8 minutes to bring him back and then again for almost 2 more minutes. So CT scans, MRI’s, therapy both speech and physical abound. Coma for 12 days, you name and he has been through it since July. He is about to turn 78 and is one hell of a fighter!

So now I can slowly start back up with what is long overdue. I have articles coming on another BCM AR, this one is one of their marksman series, a Wilson Combat AR, and yes I said a Wilson Combat AR. This one is in 224 Valkyrie, with both a Wilson Combat match grade barrel and a custom ordered XCaliber 26 inch barrel that is just plain gorgeous!

Speaking of barrels, there are articles on barrels from XCaliber, Green Mountain, Keystone, BCM! Then I have a series on the builds of the BCM, Wilson Combat from start to finish. Then there are new articles on Fix it Sticks coming and I and going to do an article on AR triggers! Featuring Wilson Combat 2 stage match trigger, Elftmann 3 gun and their match trigger along with triggers from KE Arms, Rise and then of course Timney.


Then also a big article and review on Accu-Tac bipods and scope rings! Simply some of the best you can buy! I have a few reports on Inceptor ammo in 223 and 300 blk. Both will have testing and range reports. I am sponsored by Inceptor and use them in all my training classes and starting to use them in matches since my bullet sponsor Rainier Ballistics closed down!

So I am back, all these articles will be coming this year, glad to be back and hope to see you out there!!! Pictures were made to look bad, just to give an idea of what to look for!

Have a great day!

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Started as a firearms instructor in 1986, sponsored pro shooter, teaches CC classes, advanced pistol and shotgun tactics, teaches reloading classes, does seminars, radio shows and in-store promotions for the sponsors. But more important is I spend as much time as possible with my family, life is just too short!

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