Forgotten Weapons: Ian Reviews the Movie ‘1917’


Forgotten Weapons: Ian Reviews the Movie ‘1917’

AO readers may be interested in Ian’s review of the war movie ‘1917.’ He’s the Forgotten Weapons guy, and he’s studied firearms and WWI enough to have some critical input — both good and bad — about the film. Overall, he liked it a lot.

He addresses such things as:

  • How the trenches are depicted
  • Presence or absence of barbed wire on battlefields
  • How the method of shooting the film actually makes things seem closer together than they really were
  • How the gas masks were worn (front vs. back)
  • How realistic is the movie’s plot?

He also suggests that viewers don’t pay too much attention to the cinematography, even though it’s been talked about quite a lot. To Ian, that detracts from the actual story of the film.

If you have any interest in the movie 1917, this video is worth a watch. Enjoy.

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