Watch: A Bucket Mouse Trap That Doesn’t Stink


Watch: A Bucket Mouse Trap That Doesn’t Stink

Good ol’ Mousetrap Monday: the perfect place to turn when you need a distraction from all the insanity of life in a COVID-19 world. After all, once the mice find your truckload-sized stash of TP, they’re going to want to chew it up into nesting material, and we can’t have that.

This week, Shawn tests a bucket-type trap that you can buy instead of build and which can be used as a live or dead trap. And perhaps best of all, you can set up this trap to kill mice with water and leave it for weeks and when you come back, it will not reek of death and corruption.

This sounds pretty great for barns and storage buildings, so you can set it and forget it without dreading a stank fest next time to go check your stuffs. It’s called the Kick the Bucket Mouse Trap, and it costs a whopping $59.99 plus shipping.

The key to stench containment is something called “Floating Trap Floor Filter Rocks,” which come in a pouch and float on top of the water in the bucket. This magically(?) keeps the horrible smells of decay down in the water instead of wafting about in the atmosphere.

These rocks come in pouches, and each pouch only does one bucketful of water and corpses. The pouches cost about $6 a pop before shipping, so I’m hoping someone in our audience will tell us these are actually made of something common and cheap that we can buy at the hardware store or something. Hmm? What say you?

Anyhow, here’s the video, and thanks much for spending your quaran-time with us here at¬†We appreciate ya.

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