Coronavirus Preparedness: Top 5 Best Home Defense, Tactical Shotguns


Coronavirus Preparedness: Top 5 Best Home Defense, Tactical Shotguns

When it comes to the hysteria of this coronavirus that is sweeping across the United States there are different levels of preparedness that people are looking to achieve. Some of us think that if we just hide at home and watch Netflix for a month that is good enough. Other people rushed grocery stores like an NFL linebacker and bought up copious quantities of toilet paper, essential medicines, and non-perishable food items. An even more prepared group of people did all of those aforementioned things, but then they looked in their gun cabinet and took an inventory of what they have there. Do I have enough ammunition? Do you I have some tactical shotguns for home defense? Leaping lepers! I do not have any!

If you got caught with your pants down and you do not currently own a home defense shotgun you do not need to threat. We compiled a list of the Top 5 Best Home Defense, Tactical Shotguns currently on the market today. While none of us think the coronavirus is going to spiral us down into anarchy and zombies, it is a very visceral feeling to want to protect your home and loved ones. So, for that reason, check out this list of the Top 5 Best Home Defense, Tactical Shotguns!

Tactical shotguns – #1 – Mossberg 590 Shockwave

The Mossberg 590 Shockwave is an enigma to many gun owners for multiple reasons. For one, most people assume that it is built on their staple and supremely common Mossberg 500 receiver, but it actually is constructed around the even more robust and durable Mossberg 590 action. Its compact and small size makes it tremendsouly easy to maneuver within your home for defense and it takes up very little room for storage. In most states it does not require a permit during the Federal ATF background check as well so that opens the door for more people being able to buy it (compared to something with a pistol grip). If you also purchase a small adapter, the OPSol® Mini-Clip 2.0 Flex, the Shockwave series can then accept mini-shells for even higher capacity. So while this is the newest form of home defense shotgun to make the list, it definitely affords the user some of the most modern and beneficial features possible.

tactical shotguns
Mossberg 590 Shockwave “Nightstick” 12 Gauge

tactical shotguns – #2 – Mossberg 500 or Maverick 88

In the #2 spot, we included both the ultra-economical Maverick 88 and staple Mossberg 500 together because one of the huge selling points for both shotguns is the never-ending cascade of aftermarket and Mossberg-branded accessories for them. All Maverick 88 shotguns share something in the neighborhood of like 95% compatibility with a standard Mossberg 500. So, if you want to go the cheap route and get a Maverick 88 and upgrade the furniture and aesthetic to something better, that is definitely a possibility for you. The Mossberg 500 is extremely popular because of its reliability, the Mossberg brand in general being used by select factions of our military, and its tog tang safety is preferred by many shooters. The biggest difference that people notice or sometimes complain about the Maverick 88 is that the safety was moved into the trigger guard to lower the price-point and machining costs on it, but that is still familiar for many people because that is exactly where Remington has their push-button safety located. Between the Mossberg 500 and Maverick 88, there are dozens and dozens of tactical shotguns available from the factory in varying configurations for nearly everyone’s preference. If you cannot find one pre-made that suits your tastes you can always modify and build one up to your liking.

tactical shotguns
Mossberg FLEX 500 Tactical 12 Gauge

tactical shotguns – #3 – Remington 870

One of the most iconic and bread ‘n butter shotgun models you could possibly buy is a Remington 870. It is difficult to say much negative about this shotgun because of its stalwart reliability, simple features, and tremendous track record. If any of your buddies completely dog this shotgun, it is likely one of those “Ford, Chevy, Dodge” arguments. There is nothing wrong with an 870, your range buddy is simply extremely partial to one of its competitors so they are willing to make up anything negative to say that they can think of to make their favorite “Ford, Chevy, Dodge” brand sound better than yours. The only thing slightly negative thing about Remington is that they have seen tumultuous times financially over the last decade and their survive-ability as a brand has come into question multiple times. Every shotgun on this list has a lifetime warranty standing behind it, but if Remington were to ever go bankrupt, you might be up a creek without a paddle so to speak.

tactical shotguns
Remington 870 Hardwood Home Defense 12 Gauge

tactical shotguns – #4 – Winchester SXP Defender

Winchester shotguns do not get much love when it comes to tactical shotguns or home defense models flatly because they have made their mark in upland bird, waterfowl, and sport shotguns. The fact of the matter is though that their supremely reliable and popular sporting/hunting shotguns carry over that same reliability, quality, and effectiveness in a smaller home defense, tactical shotgun package.

tactical shotguns
Winchester SXP Defender 12 Gauge

tactical shotguns – #5 – Kel-Tec KSG

You might be wondering why this heavily-romanticized shotgun in video games and cinema is not higher on the list? Well, the main reason it dropped all the way to #5 is because of its non-standard controls compared to most generic pump-action shotguns. Where most people can almost intuitively run an “X, Y, Z” pump-action shotgun with little to no training, with the Kel-Tec KSG platform you will need to train and become versed with it in order to safely and correctly manipulate it under extreme stress. With most of the United States being locked down and under quarantine, there are not as many options to get out to public ranges and train on something new like this. So, while the Kel-Tec KSG gets a “10 out of 10” for its high capacity, bullpup design, and ability to easily maneuver within your home, it scores really low on its intuitiveness for new shooters to run it in dire situations of defense.

tactical shotguns
Kel-Tec KSG 12 Gauge
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