Hi-Point Barrel Contained 35 Bullets, Why Didn’t it Explode?


Hi-Point Barrel Contained 35 Bullets, Why Didn’t it Explode?

Somewhere, there’s a Hi-Point 45 carbine owner who 1) probably needs some firearms education and 2) has a very effective guardian angel.

Hi-Point recently posted a couple photos on Facebook, explaining that a customer had sent in a 4595TS 45 ACP carbine, telling them he was unable to hit a target with the firearm. The reason? His bullets were not even making it through the barrel!

The issue probably began with a squib round, an underpowered cartridge which lacked the oomph to propel the bullet all the way through the barrel.

His next shot should have ruined the gun. Most of the time, when a firearm is fired with an obstructed barrel, the barrel fails by rupturing in an explosive manner. But the Hi-Point did not fail.

The hapless shooter continued firing — 34 more times! And the Gun. Still. Would. Not. Fail.


Then, instead of chalking it up to firearms abuse and saying it wasn’t covered under warranty, Hi-Point replaced the barrel and returned the gun.

Doesn’t matter whether you love Hi-Point or hate them… you have got to be impressed by the fact that the gun was not utterly destroyed, and that they replaced the barrel for free.

About my only misgiving is that this owner may be one of those folks you wish really wouldn’t own a gun, much less fire it next to you at the range. Fortunately, he chose a really strong firearm.

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