Recipe: Cowboy Scotch Eggs


Recipe: Cowboy Scotch Eggs

What the heck is a Scotch egg? Turns out, it’s something I wish I’d known about years ago, because it looks plumb yummy. Boiled egg wrapped in sausage and then deep-fried? Yes, please!

Sequestered at home while you wait for the world to calm the heck down about COVID-19? You’re not alone, but this seems like a good time to try a new old dish like this one.

Start with eggs, of course. Boil a half-dozen cackleberries for about 6.5 minutes so they’re medium-to-soft-boiled rather than hard-boiled. Peel ’em. (The cowboy chef who makes this video shows a way to blow the egg out of the shell.)

Mix 3/4 cup of finely-diced green onions (scallions) with one pound of pork bulk breakfast sausage and separate it into six equal portions. Then you mash each portion of sausage into a thin patty and wrap it around one of your eggs. Repeat for all six.

When they’re ready, get the oil hot in your deep fryer (350 degrees F) and make yourself an egg wash by briskly mixing 1 tablespoon of cold water with one egg. Season up some panko bread crumbs to taste, then you’re ready to continue with assembly.

Dust each egg-filled sausage ball with flour, paint it with egg wash, and roll it in the bread crumb mixture. Then it’s into the boiling oil!

Cook 4-5 minutes until “deep dark golden brown,” rolling them with a utensil so they cook evenly.

He mixed up some yellow mustard with horse radish, then cut one of the Scotch eggs in two. That’s when I started drooling! Man, that looks good.

Enjoy the video. I have a feeling it’ll make your gut growl.

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