Harrell Has More Tips for Pandemic Gun Buyers


Harrell Has More Tips for Pandemic Gun Buyers

Not long ago, we shared a video in which Paul Harrell gave advice to “pandemic gun buyers,” i.e. first-time gun buyers spurred to purchase a firearm by the COVID-19 crisis. And now he’s published a “part 2” video.

He said they decided to make “top ten tips part 2” because the first video only contained 5 tips although its title said “top ten.”

Some viewers, possibly feeling superior to non-gun-owners, offered a lot of advice on the topic, saying things like go rent guns, get lots of practice, and buy a lot of ammo. But currently, many places are closed and there’s not a lot of ammo available.

He then answers those who ask why anyone would buy a gun during a virus-related emergency. I mean, duh.

Some highlights from his discussion:

  • Obey your local laws.
  • Strike a balance between firearm access and secure storage. (Be safe but be sure you can get your hands on your gun quickly if need be.)
  • Learn everything you can about your firearm(s).
  • Familiarize yourself with the rules of engagement: When can you use deadly force?
  • Be aware of the hidden costs that go with gun ownership (magazines, ammunition, optics/sights).

Enjoy the video.

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