Precision Rifle Shooting & Ulfhednar UH303 Sling


Precision Rifle Shooting & Ulfhednar UH303 Sling

Ulfhednar is a Norwegian company which makes equipment, clothing, and firearms for hunters and shooters, often with a focus on good performance in cold weather. I recently saw a press release about their UH303 sling, which is considerably more complex than your typical rifle sling. Naturally, I wanted to learn more — especially because I have been using slings to improve my shooting for quite a long time, mostly while hunting.

Here’s what the PR says:

Precision rifle shooters know that keeping the rifle rock steady is key to consistent accuracy. One accessory that all serious shooters employ to help them is a high-quality, adjustable rifle sling. Ulfhednar’s UH303 Sling has been designed to help steady your shots quickly and easily.

The UH303 sling is so much more than an inexpensive rifle carrier. This sling features PRS non-elastic web and adjustable cam-buckle so you can adjust the sling length quickly; one of the two solid plastic clamps adjusts the total length of the loop, the other locks the loop around the arm. Together they ensure that once an adjustment has been made, it will stay there until you physically change it. The sling is also so light that it is not felt on your arm. It’s been designed to help keep you steady in all shooting positions. It is also allowed to be used during European big game shooting tests, and is recommended for use during competition shooting and while hunting.

Okay, but how does this sling attach to your rifle and how exactly should it be used? To find out, I headed to their website,┬ábut I didn’t learn as much as I wished. The sling is listed on their products page, but with almost no info and no link to more information.

I found it for sale at Optics Planet, but without any more info.

I did find this video made by Ulfhednar, demonstrating how to use one of their slings for precision rifle shooting, but I can’t tell whether this is showing the UH303 sling. I really like what I see here, especially when I think about taking long shots at game while hunting.

I’m going to hunt for a little more info on this, and see if I can’t put together something helpful. I keep seeing good-looking products in press releases from Ulfhednar, but without much info about their gear. Here’s hoping we can change that.

In the meantime, if you’ve used one of these slings we’d appreciate your feedback in the comments below.

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