5.11 Expands Everyday Hero Program with Donations to 1st Responders


5.11 Expands Everyday Hero Program with Donations to 1st Responders

5.11 Tactical has always been known for giving back to law enforcement, firefighters, and 1st responders because they are at the heart of their company and the motivation behind so many products that they produce. Most recently 5.11 Tactical has announced that they are donating 100% of the net proceeds from a limited edition Everyday Hero Program T-shirt to 1st Responders. As well as the proceeds from the shirts 5.11 Tactical is also throwing in one KN-95 mask from each T-shirt sale as well. The complete Press Release can be read below from 5.11 Tactical:

Irvine, Calif. (May 18, 2020) – 5.11, Inc. the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear, announced it has expanded its Everyday Hero program to recognize individuals who go above and beyond within their communities by adding a charitable component in light of the events surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic. 5.11 has produced a limited-edition Everyday Hero t-shirt that will be sold with 100% net proceeds being donated to charities within the first responder community. Additionally, for each Everyday Hero t-shirt purchased, 5.11 will donate a KN-95 mask to a New York City first responder.

As always, civilian and professional #EverydayHeroes can be nominated through 5.11’s social media pages @511Tactical. Purchasers of Everyday Hero t-shirts are encouraged to gift it to the Everyday Hero in their life and post a photo of the person wearing their t-shirt with the tag #EverydayHeroes. T-shirts can be purchased through 5.11’s website. With the purchase of each t-shirt, 5.11 will also donate a KN-95 mask to a first responder in New York City, one of the areas in the United States hit hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The #EverydayHero digital campaign, originally launched in Fall 2019, will live on 5.11’s social media pages @511Tactical as well as through emails and on the company’s website www.511Tactical.com. Everyday Hero t-shirts to support first responder charities are available for purchase for $14.99.

With the weird and uncertain times that much of the world finds itself in currently, it is wonderful to see something positive like the Everyday Hero Program from 5.11 Tactical. Too often large corporations forget the everyday man and woman who is keeping this country safe and moving. 5.11 Tactical is absolutely not one of those companies who has forgotten, and their Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Glover, shared these words reiterating that sentiment:

There is so much good happening in the world, and we want to remind people of that. Encouraging and recognizing acts of kindness is imperative to societal stability and global solidarity. We are all in this together, and being able to support each other and those who serve is an excellent way to channel our energies and efforts. Giving back to the servicemen and women in New York through this initiative makes the gracious act of recognizing our local heroes, just that much more important.

As mentioned earlier, 5.11 Tactical makes a lot of cool, but tremendously practical products for shooters, outdoor enthusiasts, but most importantly first responders, law enforcement, and firefighters. So, for 5.11 Tactical to start their Everyday Hero Program was a very easy conclusion to come to. 5.11’s CEO, Francisco J. Morales, goes on to talk more about this:

When the idea for this initiative began, it energized everyone at 5.11 to create and launch a program to give back to all of the first responder categories serving and sacrificing, now more than ever, for our communities. 5.11’s professional customers are the heart of our business and our nation’s critical infrastructure. For us and all of our customers, it is an honor to support law enforcement, fire, emergency services, and military during this unprecedented time.

I believe I can proudly speak for everyone here at AllOutdoor when I say we cannot thank our men and women who are 1st Responders enough for everything they do in our communities. They sometimes execute a thankless job and rush into dangers many others would avoid in order to keep us all safe. So, thank you to all of our 1st Responder readers out there and even those who have not visited AllOutdoor.

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