CCI Maxi-Mag and VNT Rimfire Ammo Now in Bulk “Pour Packs”


CCI Maxi-Mag and VNT Rimfire Ammo Now in Bulk “Pour Packs”

Here’s a new spin on things, for me, at least. CCI is now selling some of their higher-line rimfire ammo in bulk packages.

Traditionally, rimfire ammo bulk-packed in the “milk carton” type packages was usually cheaper stuff. You know, the run-of-the-mill groceries you feed your 22 when you’re plinking at tin cans and such. The better stuff was in boxes, especially those transparent plastic boxes with the sliding top. I don’t imagine those boxes are going anywhere soon, but if you need more than 50 rounds at a time, this might be the way to go.

From their press release:

New CCI Pour Packs hold 125 rounds of Maxi-Mag or VNT. The new products are now available: 22 WMR 30-grain VNT, 17 HMR 17-grain VNT and 22 WMR 40-grain Maxi-Mag Jacketed Hollow Point. Shipments of this new product have begun to arrive at dealers.

Maxi-Mag JHP ammunition provides the precision and all-around performance for a wide range of shooting and hunting, while VNT’s thin jacket and polymer tip offers accuracy and explosive expansion on impact. The convenient cartons pour easily for high-volume shooting at the range or in the field. When the fun’s over, they’re easy to re-close until your next shoot.


  • Convenient 125-count easy-to-pour cartons
  • Containers can be closed after use
  • VNT offers both long-range accuracy and explosive terminal performance
  • Maxi-Mag JHP provides all-around precision and power in the field or at the range

Part No. / Description / MSRP

  • 929CC / 22 WMR 30 grain VNT 125 count / $42.99
  • 920CC / 22 WMR HP 40 grain Maxi-Mag 125 count / $36.99
  • 923CC / 17 HMR 17 grain VNT 125 count / $41.99

Who knew you could get hunting-quality 22 LR JHPs and polymer-tipped rimfire magnum VNTs packed in bulk?

Well, now you do.

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