Why Bring a Sidearm the Same Caliber as Your Rifle?


Why Bring a Sidearm the Same Caliber as Your Rifle?

Here’s an oldie for you. It’s a 2012 video from Paul Harrell under his “Disaster Contingency Specialists” business name, in which he asks and answers the question, “Why bring a sidearm the same caliber as your carbine?”

It’s not a new concept; this is why both rifles and revolvers were made in 44-40 WCF, 32-20 WCF, 45 Colt, etc. One box of ammo to feed both guns? Heck yeah!

He begins the video with a lever action carbine and a long-barreled revolver, both chambered in 44 Remington Magnum.

From there he moves on to a pair of Beretta firearms; a carbine and pistol which both shoot the same ammo AND accept the same removable box magazines.

But why would you need a 9mm carbine if you have a 9mm pistol? Well, the same cartridge can generate more velocity from a longer barrel, and the longer barrel makes it MUCH easier to hit your target.

Getting more “oomph” from a longer barrel is certainly a well-known phenomenon, but rarely do you see it displayed as graphically as when he shoots a jug of soda with the carbine and then the pistol, both using the same ammo. The carbine-killed Shasta explodes much more enthusiastically.

His silly example of a disadvantage to carrying a rifle and handgun of the same caliber, i.e. shooting a rabbit with a 22 vs. a 44, was there purely for entertainment purposes — because I’m sure that, like me, when Paul carries a 44 mag carbine and wants to shoot a rabbit or squirrel, he simply shoots it in the head.

Then — simply because he can — he whips out a rifle & revolver in 450 Marlin… which you can think of as a “45-70 Magnum.” With these, he viciously assassinates a series of Shasta soda jugs.

Video quality isn’t great — hey, it’s 7.5 years old — but it’s still worth watching. Enjoy.

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