This Could be the Worst AK in the Universe


This Could be the Worst AK in the Universe

In the spirit of camaraderie and because he made the video, I will let Ian of Forgotten Weapons introduce this one:

“This is in fact I think the most horrific example of gunsmithing I have ever seen in my life. Let me show you.”

It’s a stumpy little AK, which when fired on camera managed to fling the gas block assembly downrange along with a bullet. No kidding!

On the surface, it’s an AK pistol chambered for 5.56 NATO, and it’s pretty clear that someone cobbled it together… someone who had no business attempting such a thing. Ian sets right in describing its many lamenesses:

  • Pro Mag magazine.
  • Latch for side-folding butt stock is absent.
  • Many of the rivets ain’t.
  • Divots for safety selector lever roughly formed with a cutoff wheel.
  • The barrel was ground down by an insane chimp on meth (my guess).
  • Gas block (formerly) brazed to the barrel rather than pinned.
  • The bolt locking lugs have been ground away.
  • Barrel cutout for hand guard roughly gouged out with a hand grinder.
  • The barrel was not originally an AK barrel.
  • Barrel has been partially lathe turned, giving it a Jekyll/Hyde appearance.
  • Chambering marked as “.223MM,” which is approximately .009 caliber.
  • Did we mention the rivets suck?

The side of the gun is marked with the maker’s name, but Ian hides it from viewers. I suppose he’s concerned about the guy complaining, but I’d rather know the name — so I could avoid it.

“This is the essence of the Wile E. Coyote school of gunsmithing.”

The horror… the horror…

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