Miculek Says NEVER DO THIS to a Double Action Revolver


Miculek Says NEVER DO THIS to a Double Action Revolver

There are right and wrong ways to do everything, and that most certainly includes firearms. Specifically, revolvers.

I was fortunate to have a father who knew such things and was able to give me proper instruction. For everyone else, I reckon there’s Jerry Miculek.

I’m going to start by summing up some of what Dad taught me:

  • Never flop the cylinder open nor slam it shut on a double-action revolver.
  • Never fan the hammer on a single action revolver.
  • Never spin the cylinder quickly on a single action revolver.

In addition to this, Jerry touches on some I had never even thought about doing, and bear in mind that Jerry is concentrating on double action revolvers here. He doesn’t even mention single action wheel guns.

  • Never push the cylinder before you disengage the latch to open it.
  • Never push on the bottom of the cylinder when opening it.
  • Never spin the cylinder while closing it.

There are some things he doesn’t mention, such as how it can damage the crane when you flip the cylinder open, but this is a good start.

Be nice to your revolvers, folks.

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