Pistol Caliber Carbines


Pistol Caliber Carbines

After more than fifty years shooting and studying firearms, it never ceases to amaze me how different gun trends come and go. This covers everything on the firearms waterfront from black powder to smokeless, rimfires, centerfires, single shots, lever guns, bolt actions, revolvers, pistols, big guns, little guns, classics, modern designs, pocket pistols, EDC carry guns, polymer guns, ARs, modern sporting rifles, SBRs, and you name it.

The latest trend to hit the market is really nothing new in terms of history, but it is taking off like wildfire. These are the “new” Pistol Caliber Carbines” or as known at the shooting ranges or at the gun shop counters as the PCCs. Several new carbine “long gun” models have come out recently and more are sure to come.

New? You may recall if you are a gun aficionado the Marlin Model 9 in 9mm a 35-inch long short rifle with a 16.5 inch barrel. Then came the Marlin 45 a similar carbine chambered for the .45 ACP. Many other examples exist across the years including the Colt AR-15 Compact Carbine in 9mm only made for one year 1985-1986. Others included the Century Arms Sterling 9mm, H&R M60 Reising 45, Ruger 44 Carbine, Ruger PC9, and of course the Uzi Mod B Carbine. There were probably others.

Among the newest of the new pistol caliber carbines is the new Ruger PC Takedown Carbine. It may be ugly as all get out, but it could be an ideal short rifle for preppers in 9mm. It can be ordered to accept different pistol model magazines to match a pistol you might have.

Hi-Point has their new 9mm carbine that is getting mixed reviews, but it is inexpensive for those not able to afford the pricey models. SIG is making several PCCs some actually being sold as legal pistols, but with short stocks and arm braces. Kel-Tec has the Sub 2000 that folds in the middle. Take down and folding up are good features for EDC guns, especially in a vehicle.

Several other models have come out again clouding the ground between a true carbine and a pistol platform with the added brace stock. Even others are by my description short carbines like the PTR 9CT a clone of the HK5. CMMG makes their Banshee model is a pistol-carbine in 9mm and .45 ACP. Dark Storm Industries has out their new DS-9 Hailstorm in 9mm.

The utility of these guns is their handling qualities. With prime ammo the 9mms are good for defense and protection within range. This PCC class of firearms is certainly worthy of a close look. They may fill a role you need filling.

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