The New Python is not the Old Python


The New Python is not the Old Python

What is it they say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?” What is the most wonderful specimen on earth to one person is the bane of somebody else. Born of that difference is where opinion is created. In trust it offers equal stance on any subject regardless of who supports it and treats it with equal regard. It is the same with guns. Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to guns or most everything else. That is the nature of individual expressions.

Many auto aficionados love the ’57 Chevy for example. Myself, I prefer the ’58 model better. The current Corvette looks more like a space ship. No thanks, the old models were much more classic and easier to work on. I put yellow mustard on my bologna sandwiches. To add mayo is pure sacrilege. That is why I like the older Colt Python way better than the new version.

Now, don’t read this wrong. The newest Colt Python is one beautiful handgun. I have seen one, and handled it. There is no doubt in my mind that the newest Snake version is a top hat revolver. I would imagine it is every bit worth the $1500 price tag for those that just have to have their first chance to own a true Python. Collector prices on the old models are easily going upwards of $3000 or more with an original box and factory papers.

Furthermore, the new Python has been re-engineered to a great extent. The changes are touted as enhancements, improvements and fixes of previous deficiencies. First, of primary notice is the handgun is made a stainless steel, shiny as a new nickel. The trigger has no stacking producing a straight pull through. There is 30 percent more steel in the top strap. The action has fewer parts. The front sight sports a red insert. An etched barcode adorns the frame. The “walnut” stocks are laminates.

The vintage Python snake came in Colt’s incomparable deep Royal Blue finish. It’s deep as a water well and just as satisfying. The hammer cock produces as finely tuned an action as has ever been. Smooth as glass with a crisp break. The heft and control are undeniable. The true walnut grips with the gold Rampant Colt are hand filling and fitting for precision shooting. The old model Colt Pythons are legendary shooters on target or foe.

It was written once that the Colt Python is the “Cadillac of Colt Revolvers.” It has been ever since it was introduced and always will be.

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