Beka Garris’s Advice for Hunting With Kids on Your Back


Beka Garris’s Advice for Hunting With Kids on Your Back

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Beka Garris, the Facebook-famous bowfisherwoman and huntress who totes her young daughter around the woods on her back while shooting critters, recently posted something really cool. She posts about her experiences using stick and string to slay fish and game, and even managed to bag a big ol’ doe with traditional archery gear while wearing her daughter on her back! Naturally, this inspires some folks to follow her lead.

She said she’s been receiving lots of messages from folks asking about backpacking a young ‘un while hunting, so she posted some tips:

1. Bring snacks/drink for them. This will vary by age obviously, but it’s key to keeping them quiet at specific moments. When Isabella was 6 months I would just nurse her but now I carry a whole stash of food 🤣 lollipops are a good one!

2. Make sure they’re properly attired for the weather/terrain. Bring a blanket or extra layers if need be.

3. Bug spray/repellent etc

4. Pretty much give up any hope of staying scent free and hunt the wind as much as possible.

5. Bring extra diapers and wipes.

6. Start out small if you’re nervous. Go on short hunts or just go after some squirrels as a test run. Get them used to being in the pack if it’s something new. Isabella is always psyched to get in hers…pack = adventure!

7. Accept the fact that there will be times where it’s just best to throw in the towel and go home. If they’re miserable, you’re miserable and no one is having fun.

8. Point things out and include them in everything you’re doing while hunting. They’re seeing this all for the first time and you’ll be amazed at what they soak up and learn.

9. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.

Here’s the whole post; check her out on Facebook if you’re a user. She’s pretty great.

With hunting season just around the corner, lots of moms and dads have been messaging asking about backpacking a…

Posted by Beka Garris on Sunday, August 9, 2020

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