The Third Space


The Third Space

The term “Third Space” has recently been coined by the so-called Progressive Millennials. It essentially suggests a recommendation (one they apparently do not follow) to open up private homes and businesses to outsiders, providing them a place to stay. Among other goals, the idea is to eliminate or reduce undesirable homeless people living on the streets, city parks, begging at intersections, or just milling around on the sidewalks.

Sanctuary cities and other open-living metropolitan areas are increasingly inhabited by people who for one reason or another cannot or will not seek out regular housing, jobs, or other meaningful pathways to life. The 3rd Space millennials and other such liberals are proposing that you (we) take these people in. Imagine the ramifications of that.

For preppers, the thought of outsiders showing up on their doorsteps during a severe SHTF is a prevalent issue. It is serious enough to take on extra people during a disaster that are family members or neighbors that are known. To consider harboring outsiders that are total strangers is another matter altogether. Such an undertaking could threaten or derail your own survival efforts, so such considerations have to be thought about long and hard.

Most people are benevolent by nature, but when times are trying, then the line between caring for one’s own and then other outsiders gets very thin. As a prepper, your plan most likely takes into account the total number of people to serve during a disaster, bug in or a dire emergency evacuation bug out. Supplies and gear are gathered and stored accordingly.

Adding extra people to the mix puts undue stresses on the preparations you have made. In such realities, one has to be careful to be more selfish than otherwise, caring for immediate family first. Just adding one or two more people can certainly have a profound impact on water, food, medical, and security, if these extra people are unknowns. Under SHTF conditions it gets increasingly difficult to trust others, especially complete strangers.

It is always interesting when social liberals suggest such “causes” for everybody else, but for which they do not undertake for themselves. Perhaps living by example would help their cause, but we have yet to see that happen. Who is shocked by that?

Creating Third Spaces would be a serious undertaking not to be considered likely. Preppers are advised to care for their own and family means first, others if possible later. Society, social engineers, and governments should find solutions to the homeless crisis. This is a hard line, but a necessary one for survival.

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