K.I.S.S. — Axe Sharpening With a Stone


K.I.S.S. — Axe Sharpening With a Stone

(Image: Screenshot from video)

In this short video from Coalcracker Bushcraft, we see a simple demo on sharpening an axe with a small pocket-sized sharpening stone. It’s a nice change from some approaches, which involve files, grinders, belt sanders, and you name it.

It’s one guy who loves his axe showing us his favorite — and simple and easy — method of taking care of its edge.

In fact, it’s the same guy we saw on a video shared here about a year ago on making fire the old-fashioned way, with bird’s nests and char cloth and other such things. He really loves this woodsman stuff.

I usually look at the metal I’m removing. In other words, I look at the side of the blade to keep track of where my file is removing material, but I kinda like his idea of the “black line” of shadow between stone and edge. And the small circular motions he uses are less likely to get you cut than firm strokes towards the cutting edge with a file.

Am I about to change my axe-sharpening ways? Unlikely. I just don’t use an axe enough to get that thoughtful about it. But bushcraft knowledge is always valuable, and I’m sure this will help me (and you) at some time in the future.

Simple and effective: two of my favorite things.


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